Alternative Body-Centered Mindfulness

Athens, Ga.

Psychotherapy counseling sessions to a pathway of deep and abiding healing and transformation.

The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche; and the soul is the psychological experience of the body. So it is one and the same thing. C. G. Jung

Body Mind Therapy - Anne Ethier Counseling Athens, Ga.

Body Mind Therapy – Anne Ethier Counseling Athens, Ga.

Understanding the approach

Talk therapy is useful for a client to “understand” his/herself, but not always the key for a person to make a deep internal connection between mind and body as well as hemispheres of the brain. Where talk therapy is limited, the mindfulness-centered practice of Hakomi experiential psychotherapy combines body-oriented techniques with verbal interventions to begin the process of strengthening one’s health and well-being.

Psychologist Anne Ethier, LPC, Athens, Ga., offers body-mind therapy as an alternative counseling approach to enable a deep internal connection, which can ignite lasting transformation. Inspired by the mindfulness based therapy of Hakomi, Anne creates an extraordinarily effective path during her counseling sessions towards emotional and psychological transformation. It is her intention that the process of personal healing and transpersonal growth will organically unfold and be reflected in our personal relationships. Body mind therapy is rooted in Gestalt therapy where the present moment is utilized with the intention to help integrate fragmented parts of oneself in order to become more whole.

People who experience body mind therapy often report:

  • increased inner freedom
  • rich connection with the body and emotions
  • deeper understanding of emotional world
  • understanding of beliefs that underlie behavior
  • empowerment for transformational changes

Our most refined thoughts and best actions, our greatest joys and deepest sorrows use the body as a yardstick. The mind had to be first about the body or it could not have been.” -Antonio Damasio (Descartes’ Error)

Accessing Healing thru connection

The intellect can be deceiving. We can trick ourselves into thinking that everything is okay when that is not true beyond the surface. But the body never lies. Beliefs, memories, and emotions are stored in the very cells and tissues of the body. As we look to the body’s wisdom for healing, we access deeper truths.

Body-mind psychotherapy supports personal growth through the transformation of stress, trauma, and troubled relationships. Psychotherapy does not have to be painful – it can be a safe, creative, and playful process of strengthening one’s health and well-being. In order to truly heal, we need to access and integrate all levels of the human experience – sensory-motor, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual. By facilitating dialogue between the mind and body, we develop greater control over our internal processes.

Anne Ethier offers adults and couples, group and private mind-body counseling sessions in the Athens, Ga. area. Her methods may include active listening, humor, writing, and reading, the use of art, role-play, and visualization. Breath, movement, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation may also be used.

Body mind therapy is a skillful adjunct to talk therapy and can often help access deeper connections that are beyond the realm of “talk.” Body mind therapy can be beneficial for anyone seeking more balance and inner peace on one’s journey.