Mindfulness in Couples Therapy

Applying Experiential Psychotherapy to working with Couples – Athens, Ga.

Mindfulness Experiential Psychology in Couples Therapy

Mindfulness Body-Centered Therapy

One of Anne Ethier’s basic philosophical beliefs is that we are made for intimacy. She feels very passionate about her work as a psychotherapist and counseling couples to help them achieve more intimacy within their significant relationship. Couples in crisis or couples hoping to simply enrich their relationships can similarly benefit from mindfulness and body-centered awareness therapy. Organicity, a principal in Hakomi Experiential Therapy, states that through greater awareness of oneself, both physically and spiritually, a person will naturally make decisions that lead to greater health and happiness. Hakomi has been effectively used to help couples who are struggling with various forms of anxiety, depression and trauma. Hakomi is best suited for people who are seeking to overcome limiting habituated behaviors and create personal and spiritual growth.

Anne offers couples in the Athens, Ga. area,  therapy centered on the somatic principles of creating awareness of relationship dynamics and working on communication. Some couples may be interested in a more mindfulness based approach to couples therapy. Other couples may be interested in a more standard approach to therapy. The therapeutic approach will be determined over the course of therapy and be based on what clients feel comfortable and receptive to.

During couple sessions we will focus on the strengths and desires of each person to initiate a better understanding of the relationship. By slowing down quick reaction to life events and by integrating more awareness, couples can go beyond their patterns to grasp a deeper sense of self. Much of our everyday suffering is unnecessary and is produced by unconscious beliefs that are no longer relevant, true or necessary. Without communication, our connectedness to each other’s emotional needs and experiences is lost. Anne’s therapeutic process includes talking while interweaving mindfulness and body awareness. We will cover the use of mindfulness in deepening therapy and tracking the many languages of the unconscious with body-centered awareness. Couples will achieve new communication levels through learning the skills of speaking and listening from the heart.

For one human being to love another human being; that is perhaps the most difficult task that has been entrusted to us, the ultimate task, the final test and proof, the work for which all other work is merely preparation. Rainer Maria Rilke

Couples seek therapy for many reasons:
• frequent arguments
• loss of emotional intimacy
• infidelity
• altar challenging, persistent cycles of behavior
• sexual issues
• not feeling heard
• pre-marital counseling
• maintaining civility in divorce